ADOPT ME Harness

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High quality YELLOW “ADOPT ME” Harness, fully adjustable fits chest width/ belly girth 22 inches to 36 inches, 56cm to 92cm. Harness has ADOPT ME embroided 6 times. Fits most common breeds, from jack russell up to rottweiler. Includes lead, lead is 120cm long with 200kg strong tension. ADOPT ME is embroided 3 times up lead. Use this type to signify that this dog is in need of a new home.

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Product Description

Harness is washable, fully adjustable, fits girth 61/92cm (24/36″). Harness has 4 adopt me embroidered lettering around chest area and 2 adopt me embroidered lettering each side of buckle. It has a double clip for extra security


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